FoodMinds is a unique destination where talented, seasoned, and motivated individuals who are passionate about food and nutrition come together with our clients to challenge the status quo and together achieve great things.

Our story is simple! Three long-time friends and colleagues who love food, understand business, and are passionate about creating strategies that transform business environments and provide new growth opportunities for clients, combined talents to form FoodMinds.

With more than 60 years experience combined, FoodMinds partners have been on the forefront of cutting edge food and nutrition issues over the last 10 years — obesity, nutrition profiling, biotechnology, functional foods, nutrition marketing, and food safety.

Laura Cubillos, RD, LDN

Laura is a registered dietitian and founder and executive vice president of FoodMinds. She leads the San Francisco office where she is expanding the company’s capabilities in the convergence of food and nutrition with tech and sustainability. Working with clients to navigate the intersection between food and nutrition science, policy, marketing and values, Laura has created and led signature science-based programs that have shifted long-standing perceptions, grown sales, created new categories, secured new health claims, and established novel leadership platforms.

Laura is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and several practice groups within the organization. She serves on the board of Action for Healthy Kids.

The foods most often on Laura’s mind are cheese, nuts, avocados and good vino.


Bill Layden

Bill LaydenBased in Chicago, Illinois, Bill is a FoodMinds founder and executive vice president who specializes in leveraging food and nutrition science and policy to achieve client objectives. Bill has been at the forefront of national issues, including child obesity, food safety, biotechnology and nutrition profiling. He provides strategic counsel across FoodMinds’ portfolio and has designed several programs to transform consumer and thought-leader mindsets on the nutritional value of foods and beverages. He has also been the senior strategist for national science symposia that changed policy, influenced national dialogue or launched products.

The food most often on Bill’s mind is the next meal with family and friends


Susan Pitman, MA, RD

Susan Pitman

a registered dietitian and founder and executive vice president of FoodMinds based in Washington, DC. She specializes in understanding and leveraging the intersection of communications, food and nutrition science, and public affairs to achieve both client and public health objectives. Her work has spanned issues such as obesity, ingredients, food and nutrition policy, issues advocacy and emerging consumer health and wellness trends. Under Sue’s leadership, FoodMinds won the 2012 SABRE award for Federal Public Affairs programs for securing potatoes in the National School Meals Program. Over the past 18 years, Sue has created policy changing thought leader programs, led successful science, education and outreach programs to introduce new food and nutrition concepts, and has provided strategic council on nutrition affairs issues impacting business decisions to CPG c-suite management.

The foods most frequently on Sue’s mind are ‘delicacies’ from her home town of Buffalo, New York including chicken wings, roast beef on a Kimmelweck roll and Bocce Club Pizza.