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We’re always thinking about food — the people that grow it, make it, prepare it, serve it, eat it, and are connected to it. Here are FoodMinds’ insights on current food issues, popular opinion, and key nutrition trends.

December 18, 2017
Global Food Values: Driving Consumer Behaviors and Food Policy Decisions

The mantra in the food industry has long been that when it comes to consumer decisions about the foods people select for themselves and their families, three primary factors – taste, convenience and price – trump all else. And while these factors will always remain part of the food selection equation, it is becoming more […]

July 25, 2017
What’s Hot in Nutrition: As Seen At SNEB’s Annual Conference

by Erin DeSimone, MS, RD, LDN, FAND and Laurie Hainley, RD The Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) Annual Conference is the premier event for nutrition education professionals in the United States. Through dynamic discussions, stimulating presentations, and hands-on training, this yearly meeting helps nutrition educators stay on top of current research and best […]

March 9, 2017
O’Dwyer’s: Elevating Food Policy Discussion Within The Election Process

By Grant Prentice March 2017 Download a PDF of this article here An important segment of consumers think food policy issues should play a higher profile in presidential debates. This sentiment is bolstered by a growing sense among the Opinion Leader Shopper segment that the primary responsibility for making the right food choices lies with […]

September 19, 2016
The World of Food Ingredients: An Aging Population: Industry Opportunities

by Erin DeSimone, MS, RD, LDN, FAND and Haley Hickman, MS, RD Download a PDF if this article here Members of the older demographic seek products that confer health benefits and/or that may prolong the quality of an independent life. People aged 60  years and older make up  the fastest-growing segment of the US population and […]

May 9, 2016
How to Solve the Ingredient Conundrum

Building trust is a formidable but achievable challenge with a novel ingredient introduction. The earlier in the cycle that steps are taken, the higher the odds of connecting with the consumer. by Erin DeSimone, MS, RD, LDN, FAND Consumers globally demand cleaner labels and seek fresh, whole, natural foods or foods they perceive as having […]

March 4, 2016
O’Dwyer’s: Keeping Food Safety Crises At Bay

By Stacey Stevens March 2016 Download a PDF of this article To maintain consumer confidence and trust, food and beverage companies are speaking out about the healthfulness of their products, as well as the integrity of supply chains and their commitments to animal care and environmental sustainability. That bond with consumers can dissipate in an […]

February 18, 2016
40 Years and 176,000+ Words Later, Americans Shift to Healthier Diets

Feb. 18, 2016 – The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) – the eighth iteration of the report that serves as the cornerstone of nutrition policy – were released to much fanfare in January. The new DGAs call for all sectors of society to rally together and “create a new paradigm” in which healthful choices […]

November 16, 2015
Approaching Zero: The US War on Trans

FDA’s final determination on partially hydrogenated oils requires manufacturers to stop using them by June 18, 2018, or submit a food additive petition for the safe use of PHOs. by Bill Layden and Jackie Schulz, MS, RD During the 1980s, a war against dietary fat was building, with a particular focus on fats of animal […]

October 19, 2015
Reflections on FNCE 2015

Oct. 19 – A few weeks ago, we attended the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) in Nashville for four days filled with sessions, events, networking, learning and eating. Here are some key takeways from our time in Music City: Au Naturale Clean Eats – the tone of the conference seemed very […]

October 2, 2015
10 FoodMinds RDs Head to Music City for Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo

Oct. 2 – The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ annual Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) – a gathering of 10,000 nutrition and health professionals from around the globe – kicks off on Saturday in Nashville, TN. Ten of FoodMinds’ 15 registered dietitians are attending to tap into the latest happenings in the nutrition […]